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Industry-Specific Case Studies

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Banking/Finance Case Study #1: A major financial firm used DMS to migrate data at each of two sites operating 24/7. Application performance was critical throughout the migration process.

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Banking/Finance Case Study #2: Following a major bank merger in Europe, DMS was used to consolidate two large data centers with 20,000 LUNs on four storage arrays, over to a third data center. The customer also had a “no touch” policy in regard to its storage.

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Banking/Finance Case Study #3: A major banking corporation saw significant cost savings using DMS after budget cuts forced it to perform a large data migration project without the support of a migration services vendor.

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Banking/Finance Case Study #4: A state bank with a large local footprint and many locations used DMS to migrate a large amount of data between multiple arrays onto multiple new arrays, mostly without CDS assistance – on time and under budget.

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Government Case Study #1: The simplicity of DMS allowed a CDS partner to perform insertion, migration, and cut-over smoothly with minimal training and with very little assistance from Cirrus Data, since only storage experts with certain governmental clearances could get hands-on access to the storage systems.

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Government Case Study #2: A state government’s IES division needed to migrate a large amount of data belonging to AIX with VIO client hosts over to new storage. No changes could be made to the hosts or the fibre channel fabric, due to SAN environment issues and AIX with VIO’s sensitivity to storage target port changes.

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Healthcare Case Study #1: A Healthcare Service Provider used DMS to migrate file server data running on Windows Server 2003 Dynamic Volumes to a remote datacenter in another state running a Windows Server 2012 cluster.

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Healthcare Case Study #2: Once inserted into the SAN environment, DMS helped identify a healthcare network’s intermittent storage array issues.

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Healthcare Case Study #3: CDS provided training and SME assistance to a medical equipment distributor for a data migration project. Using DMS, the company’s remote IT contractor performed the migration with no face-to-face contact with CDS, and did it under-budget and on time.

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Healthcare Case Study #4: CDS worked with multiple partners to ensure this pharmaceutical/healthcare giant’s data was successfully migrated from numerous SAN islands to a single dual-fabric SAN without any disruption to the production environment.

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Healthcare Case Study #5: HIPAA requirements and an extremely tight timeline jeopardized this Healthcare Case Management company’s data migration plans. DMS, implemented and administered by first-time CDS partner Contour Data Solutions, surpassed all expectations, resulting in Contour requiring DMS for all its future data migration projects.

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Telecommunications Case Study: When a major dot-com firm acquired a large telecommunications corporation, eight DMS4000 appliances moved the production data from CSC shared data centers in CT and DE to the purchasing dot-com’s new data center in Virginia. The DMS appliances needed to pass a Colocation Security Scan and operate in lock-down mode, and no changes could be made to the storage, since it was shared with other clients. A large amount of data was migrated over a WAN in a complex IaaS multi-tenant environment without any downtime.

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Automotive Case Study: An automotive group with 5000 retail locations throughout the UK needed to update its existing legacy storage solution to the Pure Storage platform. The Primary Site location was upgraded using the group’s standard technology partner (Computacenter), but the Disaster Recovery site was upgraded using the in-house IT team, thanks to the simplicity and ease-of-use of Cirrus Data’s DMS. The customer was thrilled with the flawless performance of DMS and its minimal impact on the production environment.

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