Data Migration Server (DMS)

Non-intrusive Data Migration with Advanced Data Mobility Features

IT managers are periodically faced with the need to move production data from one storage system to another, yet they are given little downtime and encounter resistance when asking for any changes to the existing SAN for migration. With Cloud Computing platforms increasingly being adopted, demands have arisen for data migration solutions that are better suited to the new storage paradigm. Although the need to move data from one location to another is as old as the arrival of the first storage subsystems, there are few tools available for storage administrators that are dedicated solely for performing this function efficiently and safely. In fact, many data migration projects are conducted with simple backup and restore software products, or with other solutions NOT originally intended for moving data (such as mirroring or replication tools). The market is eager for data migration solutions such as the CDS DMS that is designed from the ground up for this purpose — an appliance that is easy to install, requires zero-changes to the hosts, FC switches, or the storage, and is 100% transparent to the existing production environment. Tier-1 storage vendors and professional services teams are using DMS for storage migration projects in mission critical enterprise environments. DMS is ideal for use cases including: local storage migration (storage refresh), remote data center migration (DC consolidation or move), and physical to virtual (legacy to cloud transformation) conversions. No downtime is required throughout the process until the data has been moved and cut-over to new storage is performed.


What Makes DMS Different?

In just ten minutes, learn how easy it is to efficiently, transparently, and safely migrate data from any legacy or Cloud storage to any other legacy or Cloud storage using the CDS Data Migration Server (DMS) — the industry’s first dedicated disk block-level data migration solution.

Other tools, such as backup and restore products, data mirroring products, data replication products, or FC/iSCSI storage routers, can be re-positioned as data migration tools. However, most of them lack features that are specific to this function (for example, a DoD-strength secure erasure function to ensure the old storage data is cleanly wiped out), or their lack of total transparency requires host-side drivers or other agents to be deployed.

Cirrus’ Data Migration Server (DMS) is a 100% transparent tool that does not require any changes at the host, the FC switch, nor storage. The insertion of the DMS appliance into the existing production system and the execution of the entire migration project requires no reconfiguration of any aspect of the production environment. Simply insert the FC ports found on the DMS appliance one path at a time into the FC fabric, and data migration can begin. This means IT managers or service providers can avoid all the pain-points associated with the certification of host drivers, changing of multi-path software, modification of FC zones, and changing of LUN masking/presentations at the storage controllers. The enormous amount of work and potential down-time avoided translates to a significant amount of cost savings and greatly improves ROI.