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Cirrus Data Solutions Webcasts

Welcome to Cirrus Data Solutions’ webcasts. Here you’ll find a schedule for upcoming webinars, as well as replays of past webcasts. No registration is necessary to view older webcasts. For upcoming webcasts, click on the registration button to attend.

Upcoming Webcasts

Webcast Title Description Date Time Registration
Strategies for Reducing Your Data Migration Cost If you are planning to bring a new storage environment online, you can’t afford to miss this presentation!. On Tuesday, November 21st at 12:00 EST, Cirrus Data Solutions will take you behind the scenes on data migration. We’ll show you how to complete an online storage migration using the full 24×7 window. Tuesday, November 21, 2017 12pm EST

Webcast Replays

A Smooth Migration to Flash Based Storage

If migrating your data to Flash storage is in your plans, join subject matter-experts from Cirrus Data, Pure Storage and Brocade to learn how these three companies have made it simpler than ever to migrate data from your legacy SAN to a new Flash system.

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Original Broadcast – March 9, 2017

Managing the Cut Over of Your Data Migration Project

In this third webcast in a three part series, we will examine managing the final cutover process of your storage data migration. With topics covering how and when to cut over as well as how to scrub your old system efficiently for later use or return to the manufacturer, this is a not-to-be-missed webcast to ensure your next data migration project is successful!

Original Broadcast – December 20, 2016

Streamlining Your Storage Data Migration

In this second webcast in a three part series, we will examine ways to streamline and simplify the actual storage data migration. With topics covering how to migrate, when to migrate and how to ensure the best performance for your endusers, this is a not to be missed webcast to ensure your next data migration project is successful!

Original Broadcast – November 29, 2016

Better Performance Out of Your Existing Storage Environment

Do you have application performance issues but limited capital to buy new storage? Learn how Bryan Sampson of Miner increased his storage performance with Cirrus Data Solution’s Data Caching Server. Together with AJ Mojaddidi of Key Cyber Solutions, we will discuss how easy it is to boost performance while planning for that next storage refresh.

Original Broadcast – November 2, 2016

Planning A Storage Data Migration

Storage data migration has many moving parts and can quickly become an overwhelming task. During this three part series, Cirrus Data Solutions will look at how properly planning, streamlining the actual migration, and finally developing a cut over strategy can make your largest data migrations…simple.

Original Broadcast – October 25, 2016

Hybridizing Your Legacy SAN Storage

In this webinar, Cirrus Data Solutions CEO, Wayne Lam, demonstrates how to install our SAN-based caching solution into a live SAN environment to provide the performance uplift needed to address application bottlenecks. The DCS (Data Caching Server) can be installed with no downtime.

Original Broadcast – June 25, 2015

Online Migration of FC SAN to the Cloud

Whether your remote migration project is to a physical, virtual, or cloud environment, it should not require different tools to accomplish each. We will show you how each type of these migrations can be done using the same tool and can be performed live without ever affecting production until ready to cut-over to the destination.

Original Broadcast – June 4, 2015